Frenzal Rhomb : Internet Chat 1998

If you're looking for straight answers from Frenzal Rhomb, you'll be disappointed. Here's how Jay, Lex and Lindsay responded to the fans, and the non-fans on Thursday afternoon, 19 February 1998.
meow are you happy the way nancy vandal have gone a bit ska now and did you enjoy your time there?
Jay meow: (jay) no i didn't enjoy my time there and horns have no place in punk rock
Jay punkbitch: (jay) nat died in a snowboarding accident
spl are you going to redo phil?
Lindsay spl: (lindsay) it's coming out on the b side of the next single
SWaTTa do u know why the warped tour cancelled the perth show?
Jay swatta: (jay) cos perth's the most isolated city in the world
SWaTTa gee thanx for the support
retro I got the drumstick from unibake!!!!!! anyway why did nat leave?? he was sick
Lindsay retro: nat left cos he was sick (jay) very very sick (lindsay)
PunkBitch whos gunna be ur new drummer??
Frenzal Rhomb punkbitch: you
nrr why dont you guys show more snoot snout on stage?
Frenzal Rhomb nrr: that's your arsehole, your snoot snout
Forsythia has nat seriously been kicked out?
Jay forsythia: (jay) no, he's seriously dead
spl what kind of guitars do you use lindsay?
Frenzal Rhomb spl: lex - other people's
BaD_GirL will u fuck me now.
Jay badgirl: (jay) get off the fucking net clem
Stanley why are u goes so feral?
Frenzal Rhomb stanley: because we're not domesticated
jayspants [who is Lindsays fav spice?]
Frenzal Rhomb jayspants: old man ho-spice
L0rdN3xus are you doing any gigs during youth week, in sydney?
Lex lordN3xus: we're playing for the children at Lindsay's house (lex)
Polgara how do i stop burping when i drink to much dr pepper
Jay polgara: mix it with bourbon (jay)
retro are you going to the next unibake?
Jay retro: only if it's called fucked-bake (jay)
superfly do you enjoy playing naked?
Jay superfly: no (jay)
MuDdLeS does it bother y how pycho the mosh is where your playing
Lex muddles: (lex) no
IronTy are u ever gonna come to perth again
Frenzal Rhomb ironty: yeah, we're playing at your house
SWaTTa what was it like playin with the likes of pennywise and blink182
Lex swatta: very special after dark (lex)
PunkBitch ill give u sexual favours in return for free tix and backstage passes to ur next gig...wot do ya say? ;)
Frenzal Rhomb punkbitch: lindsay's dad's got the tickets
spl is your real name wolly ?
Frenzal Rhomb spl: no
b what give you the right to do shit to dylan on recovery and jade on ground zero - obviously you need to pick on someone ur own size - really doing what u did to those 2 people prove anything?
Frenzal Rhomb b: come on, i'll take you, you dirty c***
suid is it true lindsay, that you married katherine dawes
Frenzal Rhomb suid: yes, it's not
Armadillo when's your next gig in adelaide?
Frenzal Rhomb armadillo: up soon, in April
darch are you guys always abnormal?
Jay darch: (jay) - shut up
spl did you used to be called vision or vivid or something?
Lex spl: (lex) that was Jason and my high school band, and we rocked - Vivid - and we rocked
CaBLeGRrL when u play in Perth! at the grosvenor, dun u think it's a BIT small?!
Jay cablegrl: we like playing in small places cos it makes us feel more popular (jay)
jayspants [do any of u like that coal chamber chick]
Lindsay jayspants: no, her face is always dirty when she comes up from the mines (lindsay)
Pants [why are all american punk bands absoloute shite?]
Jay pants: because they're american (jay)
L0rdN3xus do you guys get drunk after each gig?
Lindsay lordN: before during and after (lindsay)
CaBLeGRrL have u guys EVER thought about stripping when you're on stage?
Lex cablegrl: never stop thinking about it (lex)
fAiRyGiRL is it tru that u might be backing up green day when they come out here???
Lindsay fairygirl: (lindsay) i'll be backing them up personally
FacePunch did you like playing at the gold coast homebake??
Jay facepunch: yes, it was fun (jay)
spl did st ives high suck? and lindsay, did st pats suck? im thinking of going to st ives high.
Jay spl: they buggered us senseless but it taught us a thing or two (jay)
Sep why haven't you converted into a deathmetal band yet? (its WAY better than punk)
Frenzal Rhomb sep: because we can't play that well and our hair isn't big enough
Jay sep: by the way, fuck off (jay)
Sisko what do you think of playing in Byron Bay? I went to one of your concerts last year there and it rocked
Frenzal Rhomb sisko: it was okay except for the mung bean injecting, soya bean smoking, Nimbin holidaying, tofu accepting, no shoe wearing communist hippy wankers
IronTy has anyone ever died at one of ya gigs
Frenzal Rhomb ironty: yes, nat
jayspants [lindsay, U rule, U r HOT]
Frenzal Rhomb jayspants: i'm burnin up for you baby
Armadillo do fans ever give you really weird things?
Frenzal Rhomb armadillo: herpes
Pants [is ben REALLY a cunt?]
Frenzal Rhomb pants: no
LexLuver i promised my friend Loren, that i'd tell Lex that she thinks he's yeah..
Frenzal Rhomb lexluver: tell her she's on
MuDdLeS so u guys didnt really take to byron
Frenzal Rhomb muddles: we took to it like soap to hippies, like ducks to faeces
|KiTTy| Wot bands do u like?!
Frenzal Rhomb kitty: your band
Armadillo you said nat died in a snowboarding accident and at a gig... whats really happened to him??
Frenzal Rhomb armadillo: he was snowboarding at a gig in texas on a 60 foot stage, without a board
KaanKaant when you guys do melbourne next, can you play with the Living End and or Body Jar?
Frenzal Rhomb kaan: we would if they let us
CamDaCow- my GUITAR TEACHER called james says he had a bet with the lead singer . it has something to do with north melbourne footbal club.. do u have anything to say to him
Jay camdacow: remember only vaguely, he owes me ten bucks (jay)
someone can you name a song after my cat?
Frenzal Rhomb someone: only if it's called i'm a cunt
Armadillo what do you reckon some of the worst bands are?
Frenzal Rhomb armadillo: frenzal rhomb and all affiliated side projects
CaBLeGRrL can I have a fucking KISSS!
Frenzal Rhomb cablegrl: as soon as you learn to spell KISS
Maddison are you supporting any big name band in the near future??
Frenzal Rhomb MADDISON: yes, possibly, the Underground Vomit Merchants of Cheap Air Conditioning Units and his Free Set of Steak Knives (big enough for ya?)
L0rdN3xus where do you get ideas for songs like mr charisma?
Frenzal Rhomb LordN: from you, Ms Charisma
fAiRyGiRL will u guys be doing any aussie tours soon??
Frenzal Rhomb fairygirl: april
spl did lex go out with dione raper ?
Lex spl: you'll have to ask her (lex) … as for dionne warwick ...
IronTy was warped better than big day out
Frenzal Rhomb ironty: is blood better than semen?
nrr why do my nipples itch whenever i see you guys?
Frenzal Rhomb nrr: cos of the rash you picked up from Nat
FacePunch what you guys rekon of the superjesus and grinspoon?
Lex facepunch: love their work (lex)
Sillyhead do you guys wanna fight nat?
Frenzal Rhomb sillyhead: no cos he'd win
KaanKaant Bruce from Dawn Of Freedom said that youse said the Parasite clip sucked - why do you hate it?
Lex kaan: too much sand (lex)
LexLuver Do u remember a girl called Leesh at Maquarie HMV?? Probably not.. she just wants to thank u for the nice shave u guys gave her
Frenzal Rhomb lexluver: sorry about that
fizzychic lex is so sexy...
Frenzal Rhomb fizzychic: thanks, you're so fizzy
Maddison why not answer the question properly smart ass??
Frenzal Rhomb maddison: why not get fucked
Pants jay, were you too scared to come out of backstage at melb. homebake? you were the only one we didn't meet, ya chicken. thanks for the pic of you and dianna lex :)
Frenzal Rhomb pants: there were beers to be had ...
MoSHgOdeS why did u go on that pissweak show ground zero????
Frenzal Rhomb moshgodes: cos we had a vendetta, and we had to solve it with violence
_MrBungle will you be releasing your own brand of barbeque tongs and/or ladies undergarments soon?
Frenzal Rhomb Mrbungle: a combination of the two, tong-jocks
LexLuver piss cablegirl off.. gimME the KISS!! *muuaah*
Frenzal Rhomb lexluver: don't want to upset cablegirl
Frenzal Rhomb Jay has to leave now, he can't embrace this new technology
beaver what song do u rekon you guys do best??
Frenzal Rhomb beaver: society by pennywise
fizzychic what do your mums think of your music?
Frenzal Rhomb fizzychic: love it all, can't get enough of it
YOUBGOD lex have u mixed any bands demos lately
Frenzal Rhomb youbgod: just a couple, and they're all fantastic
_MrBungle who is the new drummer?
Frenzal Rhomb mrbungle: me
L0rdN3xus do u like the superjesus?
Frenzal Rhomb LordN: we met a friend of theirs, who worked in an Atlanta strip club
FacePunch whats your guys favourite drink??
Frenzal Rhomb facepunch: booze
HollyGoli would u guys come and play live at our formal after-party? Contact my friend Joanna at **** **** in Melbourne Yeeha
Frenzal Rhomb hollygoli: no, but we'll come and drink the punch
LexLuver an open invitation.. if you're around Syd come round to the yr12 common room at PLC Syd.. and play us some tunes..oh, and BYE JAY!
Frenzal Rhomb lexluver: i'm scared now
Katefolds Do you like ben folds five?
Frenzal Rhomb katefolds: i only ever like Ben
UTERO do you think kurt cobain changed the way music is played today
Frenzal Rhomb utero: yes, the finger tapping was a masterpiece
KaanKaant promise me you'll play Kaan Kaant next time you play Melbourne... (and Lex... you've gotta come say Hi to Dave from yer sound school)...
Frenzal Rhomb kaan: ask dave about the rhombus
Pants did tim rogers give you a kiss at homebake?
Frenzal Rhomb pants: yeah, but he was arrested for trying to use the tongue
Frenzal Rhomb powerage: no, we're going to do Warped in the States, and then touring with Real Big Fish, because they're really big
Armadillo where do you get the ideas for yours songs?
Frenzal Rhomb Armadillo: we take suggestions off the internet
IronTy what do ya think of the australian beers
Frenzal Rhomb ironty: we love 'em like brothers
CaBLeGRrL> hey! I've spelt *kiss* PROPERLY! I deserve 1 from each and EVERY 1 of u FReNZaL! soooo pucker up! right fucking NOW! or I'll call yas ALL *assholes* :)
Frenzal Rhomb cablegrl: okay
Frenzal Rhomb cable: you win
jayspants [lindsay, wot is ya ph. number?]
Frenzal Rhomb jayspants: 0055 piss on my face
LexLuver scared?? WHY!!!!! help us get those Spice bitches around the corner pissed off!!
Frenzal Rhomb lexluver: now i'm confused,
RoCkStAr HERRRROOOOOOOOOOOO sexgods :) ummm juss a quick li'l question WHY AREN'T U TOURING TO ****ADELAIDE**** WITH GREENDAY :) ?
Frenzal Rhomb rockstar: we don't know anything about nothing
SKAtanic r u auditioning drummers and if so is chris moses the person to call
Frenzal Rhomb skatanic: yes, call him all day and all night, even if you can't play the drums
FacePunch why do you live in sydney?? it sucks
scabies> facepunch: cos they won't have us anywhere else
KaanKaant do you guys funnel? you must funnel...
Frenzal Rhomb kaan: of course we do, how could you ever doubt us
fAiRyGiRL are any of u guys playing at the thing at St.Ives skate park on Saturday??
Frenzal Rhomb fairygirl: jason's doing a spoken word about his time at the Village Green
nrr why havent you starred on baywatch yet?
Frenzal Rhomb nrr: the silicon implants went horribly wrong
genital [do you guys like to eat bread]
Frenzal Rhomb genital: sorry???
Micko jay--what are attack of the 30ft she monster doing these days?
Frenzal Rhomb micko: jay's gone but they've just moved into Erskineville
GameOver how come u's played home and away at manly warped when a couple of years ago claimed ud never play it live again?
Frenzal Rhomb gameover: cos we're inconsistent and someone offered us a very large bribe
HollyGoli You guys ever thought of making a movie like FRENZALWORLD?
Frenzal Rhomb hollygoli: it's called Rhomb Trek III - The Search for Alex Papps
beavis [did you have fun at syd homebake??]
Frenzal Rhomb beavis: yes, but we had to leave straightaway, so we couldn't party
Katefolds Would you trash a piano on Midday like ben folds?
Frenzal Rhomb katefolds: what's a piano?
tp why aren't you playing at shoreshocked this year?
Frenzal Rhomb tp: i don't like the alliteration
fAiRyGiRL where abouts in sydney do u guys live???
Frenzal Rhomb fairygirl: newtown
fizzychic do you guys get stalked alot?
Lex fizzychic: lindsay's been stalking me for years (lex)
GameOver whats so special about the frogs?
Frenzal Rhomb gameover: don't get us started ...
_MrBungle do you find Dr Who strangly attractive?
Frenzal Rhomb mrbungle: I've seen Jon Pertwee nude (lex and lindsay)
Pants well done for getting channel 10's ratings up, now everyone just HAS to watch Sports Tonight
Frenzal Rhomb pants: that was our plan, we're in league with Channel Ten
beavis [whens your next gig?]
Frenzal Rhomb beavis: March 7 in Wagga Wagga
IndiEPunK is nat leaving the band because of something to do with north melbourne footbal club
Frenzal Rhomb indiepunk: melbourne football club has something to do with everything
UTERO could you send me one of your cd's i have been tring to buy them every were and they r sold out
Frenzal Rhomb utero: send us your address and we'll get onto it
Frenzal Rhomb utero:
nofx^ is lindsay hot in reall life now.
Frenzal Rhomb nofx: no, but he's burning up right now - in his imagination
IronTy adelaide is a HOLE come to Perth
Frenzal Rhomb ironty: that's the pot calling the kettle fucked
LexLuver Would any of you be interested in doing a debutante ball???
Frenzal Rhomb Lexluver: any and all
DOGBUOY would u ever play at camden again
Frenzal Rhomb dogbuoy: tell the manager he should only get cancer
MoSHgOdeS why was ur set so short at warped??? and why didn't ya strip in adelaide (we feel left out)
Frenzal Rhomb moshgodes: because Blink 182 wanted to play their extended jazz jam .... because the button mushrooms didn't feel like playing
POWERAGE who is ur idol band?
Frenzal Rhomb powerage: Billy
HollyGoli Do u have any idea how much tickets are for Green Day in March since you are playing also?
Frenzal Rhomb HollyGoli: if we are playing, it'll be a lot cheaper
Micko are you guys upset you didnt get the oasis support slot? Are you gonna injure you am i?
Frenzal Rhomb micko: Tim pleaded with us to give it to them
CaBLeGRrL can I have your dreadies jay or whoever has the dreadies!
Frenzal Rhomb cablegrl: of course
KaanKaant my band does a song about a milkbar and we do this intro like the intro to Uncle Ken except, of course, the words are different... we're recording Sunday - do we have the permission to rip you guys off?
Frenzal Rhomb kaan: we're going to sue the fuck out of you, expect a letter from our team of crack solicitors
fizzychic ever heard of a place called broken hill?
Frenzal Rhomb fizzychic: is that where you're from?
CaBLeGRrL excuse me, I didn't get MY *kiss*!!!!!! GIVE IT NOW!
Frenzal Rhomb cable: okay here it comes ... are you ready ...... ...... ...... geez that was good ..... ..... what's this irritation around my lips?!!
LexLuver Leesh wants to know when her benefits from your charge card will come
Frenzal Rhomb Lexluver: use at any large department store, and protest if it doesn't work
rhomb was it cool playing with the Vandals?
Frenzal Rhomb rhomb: the Vandals are our heroes
fAiRyGiRL what would u guys reckon is the best song on meet the family??
Frenzal Rhomb fairygirl: the secret track
fAiRyGiRL what secret track??
Frenzal Rhomb fairygirl: ha ha
POWERAGE did u liked the warped tour at newie and if peter from FEL is filling in 4 nat?
Frenzal Rhomb powerage: all the warpeds were good, and Pete's doing one gig for us at Wagga
sk8r y did nat leave?
Frenzal Rhomb sk8r: the fatal snowboarding accident in Texas wrapped it up for him
CaBLeGRrL that's a shit kiss
Frenzal Rhomb cable: how do you kiss properly on the net?
Frenzal Rhomb cablegrl: Lindsay - I'LL GIVE YOU A SHIT KISS!!!!!
jayspants [LUV U LINDSAY, BUh BYE!]
Frenzal Rhomb jayspants: i don't know who you are, but i'll tell you one thing, I love Jay's pants
rhomb is nat a ghost friend was talking to him recently...and if so will he be haunting frenzal gigs from now on?
Frenzal Rhomb rhomb: he's always haunted Frenzal gigs
MuDdLeS whos teh band u go home and blast!?!?!?
Frenzal Rhomb muddles: Hanson
MrCharism [we copy your cd`s and sell them on the street for 5 bucks and we`re raking it in. what do u think of that?]
Frenzal Rhomb MrCharism: we're coming round to your house to rape your dad
fizzychic yep im from broken hill, seeya and you guys will always fucking rule!
Frenzal Rhomb fizzychic: cya, write back
Pants what did you think of the avalanches (i think they're a fuckin disgrace)
Frenzal Rhomb pants: well they're no Frenzal Rhomb
KaanKaant what's the deal with Nat?
Frenzal Rhomb kaan: Nat wanted us to change styles, play more like Bush
GameOver whats ben up to these days?
Frenzal Rhomb gameover: up to his knees in shit
Warhammer You played on the sunshine coast once and it was only for like, 20mins.. i hope you kicked the shit out of the people that were running it
Frenzal Rhomb warhammer: they are quite shitless
Frenzal Rhomb thanks for your support, love you all, see you all at Jason's house for pesto
Frenzal Rhomb bye
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