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Guitar stats:

Total: 189 tracks

Played: 91 tracks


Guitar by Lindsay McDougall and Alexis Devaux

Bass stats:

Total: 189 tracks

Played: 188 tracks


Bass by Frenzal Cham and Michael Dallinger
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The Cup Of Pestilence (2023)

The Cup Of Pestilence (2023)

# Name    
1. Where Drug Dealers Take Their Kids Guitar Bass Bass
2. Gone to the Dogs Guitar Bass
3. The Wreckage Guitar Bass
4. Dead Man's Underpants Guitar Bass
5. Lil Deadshit Guitar Bass
6. Laneway Dave Guitar Bass
7. Instant Coffee Guitar Bass
8. Dog Tranquiliser Guitar Bass
9. I Think My Neighbour Is Planning to Kill Me Guitar Bass
10. Horse Meat Guitar Bass
11. How to Make Gravox Guitar Bass
12. Deathbed Darren Guitar Bass
13. Tontined Guitar Bass
14. Fireworks Guitar Bass
15. Hospitality and Violence Guitar Bass
16. Those People Guitar Bass
17. Old Mate Neck Tattoo Guitar Bass
18. Finally I Can Get Arrested in This Town Guitar Bass
19. Thought It Was Yoga but It Was Ketamine Guitar Guitar Bass
Hi-Vis High Tea (2017)

Hi-Vis High Tea (2017)

# Name    
1. Classic Pervert Guitar Bass
2. Ray Ahn is my spirit animal Guitar Bass
3. Cunt act Guitar Bass
4. Sneeze guard Bass
5. Shelving stacks Guitar Bass
6. The criminals airline Guitar Bass
7. Storage unit press Guitar Bass
8. School reunion Guitar Bass
9. Ex Pat Guitar Bass
10. Beer and a shot Bass
11. The black prince Guitar Bass
12. Bunbury Bass
13. Pigworm Bass
14. Digging a hole for myself Guitar Bass
15. Don't cast aspergers on me Bass
16. Messed up Bass
17. Mental problems Guitar Bass
18. Waiting for a postman Guitar Bass
19. Organ donor Guitar Bass
20. Food court Guitar Bass
Smoko At The Pet Food Factory (2011)

Smoko At The Pet Food Factory (2011)

# Name    
1. Bird Attack Guitar Bass
2. Mummy Doesn't Know You're A Nazi Guitar Bass
3. 5000 Cigarettes Guitar Bass
4. Cockroach Lightswitch Guitar Bass
5. Knuckleheads Guitar Bass
6. Just Because It's Soap Doesn't Mean It's Clean Guitar Bass
7. My Dearest Friend Guitar Bass
8. Back To The Suburbs Guitar Bass
9. Edward Sausage Fangs Guitar Bass
10. Alvarez Guitar Bass
11. Hungry Jacks Carpark Guitar Bass
12. Snouts In The Trough Guitar Bass
13. Dead Celebrity Bass
14. Metrognome Guitar Bass
15. When My Baby Smiles At Me I Go To Rehab Guitar Bass
16. The Rude Tourist Bass
Forever Malcolm Young (2006)

Forever Malcolm Young (2006)

# Name    
1. Forever Malcolm Young Guitar Bass
2. Graham 'Abo' Henry Zipped Bass
3. Johnny Ramone Was In A Fucken Good Band, But He Was A Cunt (Gabba Gabba You Suck) Bass
4. Red Wine And Altar Boys Zipped Bass
5. Brian's Problems Zipped Bass
6. When Will I See You At The ICU? Zipped Bass
7. Please Go Over There Bass
8. Fuck You And Your Stupid Band Bass
9. Cruelty To Animals Zipped Bass
10. Don't Touch The Rabbit Bass
11. Medicine Balls Bass
12. Predickle Me This Bass
13. Goon Wolf Bass
14. I'm A Backwards Fucken Useless Piece Of Dogshit... And I Vote Bass
15. You Need A Friend Guitar Bass
16. Holiday Not Vacation Bass
17. Don't Shoot The Guests Zipped Bass
18. Caps Lock Bass
19. Find Your Own Way Home Bass
20. Wha' Happened? Bass
Sans Souci (2003)

Sans Souci (2003)

# Name    
1. Stand Up And Be Cunted Zipped Bass
2. Russell Crowe's Band Guitar Bass
3. Punisher Guitar Bass
4. Ballchef Guitar Bass
5. Bucket Bong Guitar Bass
6. Looking Good Guitar Bass
7. Greyhound Guitar Bass
8. Lead Poisoned Jean Bass
9. Who'd Be A Cop? Guitar Bass
10. White World Guitar Bass
11. Cocksucker Guitar Bass
12. World's Fuckedest Cunt Guitar Bass
13. 60, Beautiful and Mine Guitar Bass
14. I Went Out With A Hippy And Now I Love Everyone Guitar Bass
15. All The Kids Are Having Kids Bass
16. You'll Go To Jail Bass
Shut Your Mouth (2001)

Shut Your Mouth (2001)

# Name    
1. Everything's Fucked Bass
2. Runaway Bass
3. Coming Home Zipped Bass
4. Had Enough Bass
5. She's Not Happy Bass
6. War Bass
7. Dance-ecution Bass
8. Nothing's Wrong Bass
9. Rats In The Walls Guitar Bass
10. Cheer Up Bass
11. Home Made Video Bass
12. The Best Guy Bass
13. Local Resident Failure Bass
14. My Girlfriend's A Man Bass
15. I Love Fucking Up Bass
16. Don't Let The Bastards Keep You Down Bass
17. All Hail The Weekend Bass
18. Sodom The Clown Bass
A Man's Not A Camel (1999)

A Man's Not A Camel (1999)

# Name    
1. Never Had So Much Fun Bass
2. You Are Not My Friend Guitar Bass
3. It's Up To You Bass
4. I Know Everything About Everything Bass
5. I Miss My Lung Zipped Bass
6. We're Going Out Tonight Guitar Bass
7. Let's Drink A Beer Guitar Bass
8. I Know Why Dinosaurs Became Extinct... Bass
9. I Don't Need Your Loving (All I Need Is A Spinal Operation) Bass
10. Self Destructor Bass
11. Go Frenzal Go Bass
12. I'm The Problem With Society Zipped Bass
13. Do You Wanna Fight Me? Guitar Bass
14. Methadone Guitar Bass
15. Don't Talk To Me Bass
16. The Writing's On The Wall Bass
17. Summer's Here Bass
18. I Don't Wanna Go To Work Today
Meet The Family (1997)

Meet The Family (1997)

# Name    
1. Mum Changed The Locks Zipped Bass
2. Mr. Charisma Guitar Bass
3. There's Your Dad Guitar Bass
4. Racist Guitar Bass
5. Ship of Beers Guitar Bass
6. Be Still My Beating Off Zipped Bass
7. I Hate My Brain Guitar Bass
8. The Ballad Of Tim Webster Guitar Bass
9. U.S.Anus Bass
10. Constable Care Guitar Bass
11. (That's) Just Not Legal Bass
12. Hakimashita Guitar Bass
13. Genitals Are Funny Guitar Bass
14. All Your Friends Guitar Bass
17. Guns Don't Kill Ducklings (Ducklings Kill Ducklings) Guitar Bass
18. You Can't Move Into My House Guitar Bass
Not So Tough Now (1996)

Not So Tough Now (1996)

# Name    
2. Punch In The Face Zipped Bass
3. Disappointment Guitar Bass
4. Parasite Zipped Bass
5. Wasted Bass
6. Not So Tough Now Guitar Bass
7. Jesus Guitar Bass
8. Uncle Ken Zipped Bass
9. Not Your Thyme Bass
10. Wrong Is Right Bass
11. Human Excreta Bass
12. Urban Myth Zipped Bass
13. Pants Zipped Bass
14. You Are A Knob Bass
15. Here Today Gone Late Today Guitar Bass
16. Big Brother Bass
17. Wish You Were There Bass
54. Ben (secret tracks on CD) Bass
Coughing Up A Storm (1995)

Coughing Up A Storm (1995)

# Name    
1. Genius Guitar Bass
2. Fraud Guitar Bass
3. Run Zipped Bass
4. Get Off Bass
5. Hate Bass
6. Suburban Male Guitar Bass
7. Don't Speak Bass
8. Sick And Tired Guitar Bass
9. Infotainment Bass
10. Dugadugabowbow Bass
11. No Thought Bass
12. 4 Litres Bass
13. Big Paranoia Bass
14. Cones Bass
15. Kaan Kaant Guitar Bass
Sorry About The Ruse (1994)

Sorry About The Ruse (1994)

# Name    
1. Fuck The System Guitar Bass
2. Can't Trust A Redneck Bass
3. Why Aren't You Dead? Bass
Dick Sandwich (1994)

Dick Sandwich (1994)

# Name    
1. Richer Than You! Guitar Bass
2. Roger Bass
3. You're O.K. Bass
4. Chemotherapy Guitar Bass
5. Million Bass
6. Home And Away Bass
7. Who Can You Trust? Bass
Other (1990)


# Name    
6. My Pants Keep Falling Down Bass
7. Prognosis: Fuck You Bass
10. Captain's Magic Buttons Bass
11. Flying South Bass
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