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  • 2024-05-02
    Europe tour 2024
    Europe tour 2024

    Friday 1 Nov 24 Switzerland Lucerne Sedel

    Sunday 3 Nov 24 Germany Berlin Badehaus

    Monday 4 Nov 24 Germany Hamburg Molotow

    Wednesday 6 Nov 24 Belgium Duffel Cinema Plaza

    Thursday 7 Nov 24 Germany Stuttgart Juha West

    Friday 8 Nov 24 Germany Schweinfurt Stattbahnhof

    Saturday 9 Nov 24 Germany Wiesbaden Kreativfabrik

  • 2023-06-30

    Footage from 2023 tour visiting places such as Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sandstone Point, Cairns and Townsville.

  • 2023-06-29

    Jay reviewed all albums
    Check it at the Punk Rock Theory.

    Spoiler. The Cup Of Pestilence is #1

  • 2023-06-22

    Videos section was updated with videos from 2023-06-17 at Vinnies Dive, Gold Coast.

    Please check MrBrad Media MrBrad Facebook and Youtube pages for more.

  • 2023-06-11

    Frenzal Rhomb on Rage.

    Audio only with subtitles

  • 2023-05-28

    Share your videos!

    As a dedicated fan of the band I've always been excited to watch the raw energy of Frenzal Rhomb live performances on video. Remember the old days when I was downloading live vids from Burleigh Heads using mIRC on dial-up modem.

    Recently I've noticed that a lot of videos appear on the instagram as stories. While instagram offers a convenient and accessible way to share moments with friends and followers it may not be the best tool for preserving video memories in the long run because of temporary nature (video disappears after 24hrs), limited accessibility, reduced quality etc.

    I have a proposal that I believe will create a lasting memento for everyone to enjoy. I kindly request you to share your videos from upcoming or past Frenzal Rhomb concerts. The idea is to create multicam videos from it.

    The quality of smartphone cameras has reached astonishing heights, allowing them to capture crystal-clear visuals.

    Whether you've recorded just a shaky snippet of your favorite song, your contribution will play a crucial role in creating a multicam video that will be treasured by fans for years to come.


    1. Video should have landscape orientation.
    2. Upload the source video to Facebook or YouTube with the title 'Frenzal Rhomb Live YYYY-MM-DD'. Using this title, I will be able to find it. Make sure it has public access.

    The problem:

    Assuming that it's not possible to record the entire show but it is important to have different angles of the same song, it would be better to narrow down the song titles to those from the 'The Cup Of Pestilence' album only. But if you have recording of any other song, then upload it anyway.

    What I do:

    1. Running a de-shaker script which removes shakiness.
    2. Syncing audio from different sources.
    3. Fixing audio volume and removing noises
    4. Fixing different video frame rate
    5. Creating dynamic scenes according to music

    Examples from the Hamilton Station Hotel gig:

    1. Mummy Doesn't Know...
    2. Where Drug Dealers Take Their Kids

  • 2023-05-25

    Watch to The Underground Australia Interview with JASON WHALLEY

    Jay talks about The Cup of Pestilence, the Australian music scene, touring, life outside of music, whatever happened to the Frenzal Rhomb horse and a bunch more!

  • 2023-05-15

    Listen to Mid Life Punk Podcast

    Dal talks about his early days in punk rock, his first band Local Resident Failure and how meeting a punk rock legend didn't go exactly as he'd imagined it would.

  • 2023-04-26

    Listen to Jughead's Basement podcast

    168: Jay Whalley of Frenzal Rhomb talks to us about the Australian TV Show RAGE, Building An Audience And The Intricacies Of A Band Message, Living By Example Compared To Blatant Activism, On The Road To Fat Wreck Chords And The Sarcastically Awesome Decision To Sign To Sony Records, Playing At The Edge Of Your Ability, Recording At The Blasting Room, The Complexity of Community plus much rhombally rumbling with frenzally rambling more.

    Some quotes from the podcast:

    Why they use E flat tuning

    I think you do tune. Like we always play in like E flat, I guess, but then you're one of those guys. Yeah. Cowards. Cowardly singers. Yeah. I think I lost my voice in, um, some show in like 1998. And to get through the show, we tuned down and we never tuned back up.

    Songs spreadsheet

    Well, the thing about this band is that we, we had like, so we had 60, 60 demos for this album. And so there's like, we'll sort of just write any, anything, like any song to within each of us life and give it its best chance ever, even if, you know, when you're writing, you're like, no, I don't know about this. Why am I even singing this? I don't care about it, you know, whatever. And then it's still just give it the best, give it its best chance. You know, so you do all the harmonies, record all the drum parts, guitars, make sure, you know, everything's like exactly how it should be in that song, and then put it in the bin. So when we come to choosing songs for the record, we basically have this spreadsheet where everyone in the band and our manager gets like an equal vote, and you better try and pick your best like 20 songs or whatever. And if that's not enough music to make up half an hour's worth of music or whatever, then everyone gets a wild card. And so people start lobbying, you know, like, I'll vote for your bullshit dumb song. If you like pick this one, because I'm a genius or whatever. And so that's, and that's the record. So everyone's sort of generally not completely unhappy when it comes like all democracies, you know, everyone's pretty sort of slightly invested in it. And everyone's had their say and stuff. And it means that really that any kind of thematic idea just goes completely out the window. And so whatever lyrics are on there is sort of just, you know, because the song could be great, aside from the lyrics, and the lyrics are just decent enough that the song still sounds great. And then there might be other songs where the lyrics were fantastic, but the song was a fucking dump. And so those lyrics will never be heard. So it's sort of a slightly strange way of going about it. But so I don't really, I don't, I guess what I'm saying is I don't really kind of labor over whether what I'm saying is important enough because I can't make it interesting melodically or something like that.

    Pigworm story

    So basically I had this seizure out of the blue, never happened before, woke up in hospital at RPA in Sydney where they basically said, yeah, you've got this lesion on your brain. It's a tumor of some sort, like a guy presenting your age with nothing else really wrong with him. It's always a melanoma, white guy in Australia. It's always a melanoma. We just haven't found it yet, but it's probably that. And it was what we think it is, aggressive five months to live, perhaps. Wow. Yeah. And so three weeks before they could, they said, we won't know what it is, whether it's benign or malignant until we take it out and they took it out and yeah, woke up and they're like, it's not a tumor. It's like some weird infection. And I'm like, what the fuck? And like, yeah, they're like, yeah, it's some, it's a neurocystic erosus, I think is the name, which is like a parasite that lives in pig flesh. And it's like pretty common in a lot of areas around the world, a lot of places that we'd been to. But you know, having the fact that there's a pig worm in your brain as the good news is a fucking weird day.

  • 2023-04-18

    Listen to The Punk Roquette podcast with Lindsay McDougall

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