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Frenzal Rhomb by Baxter Stone (94/95)

Had a few mishaps following the April release of Coughing up a Storm when vocalist Jason Whalley broke his collarbone. This however didn't stop him from performing. The accident happened while the Frenzal's were playing with American band NOFX on the Gold Coast. In Sydney he was seen singing in a sling which was, as one concerned St John's representative said "not only inappropriate for the type of injury, but actively detrimental to the long term health of the patient". But what can you do if you have got to sing? It may not be the singing that the Ambulance man was concerned, but about the manic performance associated with it.

The Pope being impressed with Frenzal Rhomb's excellent stage sound stole the bands sound man for his sell out tour of Australia and wanted to take him to Asia as well, but the band kipnapped him and saved him from the holy cult and took him on the road with them to play with Offspring. Apparently Offspring's guitarist Noodles has been causing some concern in the US media for still wearing Frenzal Rhomb's T- Shirt months after their Australia Tour becoming both a cultural and microbio-hazard.

The band were asked to record a track for the recent AC/DC tribute album by BMG only to suffer threatened legal action for infringing copyright by using sampled "Oi's" from the original version. The band is pooling all their creative intelligence to find a suitable way of adapting the song without using the infringing samples. They have been around for a few years, their previous CD was called Dick Sandwich, they are highly popular in N.S.W and lately they have become very popular here in Victoria. Be ready for the Frenzy when Frenzal Rhomb appear at Pushover Festival '95.

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