Frenzal Rhomb hosts Rage (Transcription)

Lindsay and Jay
Lindsay and Jay
Audio only with subtitles

[00:19.160 - 00:27.840]
Hello there, it's me Jay, and it's me Lindsay and we're from the friends of Rob band and we are programming all the songs on rage tonight
[00:28.200 - 00:34.120]
We are grabbing rage by the horns, and we're riding it on down into the night
[00:35.360 - 00:38.400]
Oh, that's what happens because I know heaps about
[00:39.040 - 00:44.760]
Horns, yeah, we're gonna play a bunch of great stuff some some some local stuff some overseas stuff
[00:45.120 - 00:47.120]
New songs old songs
[00:47.880 - 00:54.080]
Songs that you think are absolutely rubbish, but we will defend with our lives. Yeah, it's gonna be good
[00:54.080 - 00:56.080]
Yeah, be right
[00:56.400 - 00:59.360]
I'm just gonna say from the outset that this is from Dall
[01:00.200 - 01:02.760]
the bass player in the Frenzal Rhomb bands and
[01:03.960 - 01:05.960]
100% not me
[01:05.960 - 01:07.960]
boxcar racer I
[01:07.960 - 01:14.720]
Had actually not heard of them before today. I just told him not to play blink 182. Is it blink 182 adjacent?
[01:14.720 - 01:19.400]
I feel like it really is. I looked him up today. I was sickened anyway
[01:20.400 - 01:21.600]
[01:21.600 - 01:25.520]
The next song is from a band whom features whom features
[01:26.280 - 01:31.200]
Probably the greatest musician of all time. The band is boxcar racer
[01:31.720 - 01:38.960]
And it's the brainchild of Tom DeLonge. It was better known from blink 182 and angels and airwaves loop holes
[01:38.960 - 01:47.000]
Now loopholes they only recorded one album. What a shame, and it's the greatest single album by a band ever exclamation mark
[01:47.600 - 01:52.640]
You can feel the roar emotion and improve musicianship improved music
[01:55.880 - 02:01.120]
When you listen to the record and it certainly forced me to write songs influenced by this album
[02:03.120 - 02:06.760]
You had a lot to answer for boxcar racer. You gotta try harder Dall
[02:08.120 - 02:10.960]
This video is the opening song from the album
[02:10.960 - 02:15.680]
And I know you'll love it as much as I do and this is me Jay Frenzel saying this
[02:16.080 - 02:20.680]
Not a pre-written script from our bass player who likes so many crappy bands
[02:21.360 - 02:26.120]
Here it is. I feel so by boxcar racer. I feel so
[02:28.720 - 02:36.120]
I'm gonna set the scene the year is 1980 something or other and I'm sitting on a beanbag very much like this
[02:36.600 - 02:38.600]
With my mum very much like this
[02:38.880 - 02:44.480]
And we're eating homemade pizzas which were ham and pineapple because I was brought up in the Sutherland Shire
[02:45.160 - 02:46.280]
[02:46.280 - 02:51.200]
We were watching the first ever concert that I ever saw on TV
[02:51.200 - 02:57.040]
I'd never been to a concert. I never knew what a live concert was and it was the Whispering Jack John Farnham concert
[02:57.040 - 03:00.200]
I can remember so much about it like the ridiculous
[03:00.600 - 03:06.840]
Kita that David Hirschfeld was playing and Brecker said and the drummer Angus Birchell
[03:06.840 - 03:11.280]
And there was a there was a Lindsay in the band too. I think on the bass or the vocals and they
[03:15.920 - 03:22.000]
Anyway, it's John Farnham and pressure down this is the the live version the very first song at the start of
[03:22.720 - 03:28.520]
Of the Whispering Jack live video. This is like this was as John Farnham had grabbed his
[03:29.280 - 03:36.160]
Drowning career out of the sewerage and pulled it up him and Glenn Wheatley and a bunch of excellent songs and some bagpipes and other things
[03:36.160 - 03:44.000]
And it gives us all hope that if you've got the voice of a gosh darn angel and some really good songwriters
[03:44.000 - 03:46.560]
You can be anything you want to be. Thanks. Thanks for that
[03:47.720 - 03:52.120]
You know, it's pressure down is the best song is better than your voice. Maybe not as good as ages reason
[03:54.960 - 04:00.200]
So my wife is a massive metal fan so much so she could not care less about punk rock
[04:00.800 - 04:04.660]
She thought that never had so much fun was a song by Pennywise and we first met
[04:06.280 - 04:10.920]
I know it's alright. I want her over kind of but thanks for the riff section that helped a lot your riffs
[04:11.920 - 04:14.200]
But anyway, I'm made in one of her favorite bands
[04:14.200 - 04:17.240]
In fact so much so that when we got married
[04:17.600 - 04:23.080]
Our first dance our bridal waltz was to blood brothers by by Iron Maiden
[04:23.640 - 04:28.560]
So this isn't that song if you want to watch that it's on my Instagram of us dancing to blood brothers
[04:28.560 - 04:32.520]
But this is fear the dark which is excellent
[04:32.960 - 04:37.280]
By Iron Maiden live in one of their one million amazing live shows
[04:38.080 - 04:40.480]
There's gonna be silly guitar moves
[04:40.520 - 04:45.920]
You know that they do that thing. I think it's yannick that does the thing where he throws a guitar over his back like four times a song
[04:46.520 - 04:50.960]
and really unmetal guitars because they all played like Stratocasters and
[04:52.120 - 04:58.120]
Beautiful singing and and Bruce is gonna run around on stage like you know, he's checking the perimeter for enemies and
[04:58.960 - 05:02.200]
If you sing fear of the duck, it's even funnier
[05:02.520 - 05:03.960]
[05:03.960 - 05:09.720]
Oh, and this is also the um, this is like the beginning of crowds singing the riffs
[05:09.720 - 05:11.440]
Oh, this is the crowds
[05:11.440 - 05:11.680]
[05:11.680 - 05:15.040]
This is the song starts with the crowd singing the riff and that is like the best thing at all
[05:15.040 - 05:20.000]
You write a riff and you might enjoy it if the crowd sings the riff and you're like, yeah, I did a man
[05:20.000 - 05:22.520]
They're not singing they're not singing the lyrics. They're singing the riff
[05:23.000 - 05:25.000]
[05:25.800 - 05:27.800]
[05:29.360 - 05:31.360]
So apparently we've got to play some of our songs
[05:31.920 - 05:36.880]
Bad luck, but this is the first song on our brand new record cup of pestilence
[05:37.520 - 05:39.520]
I wrote this song
[05:40.400 - 05:45.560]
When I was doing a solo tour around the country with my acoustic guitar because I'm kind of a troubadour
[05:46.400 - 05:48.400]
[05:49.040 - 05:50.160]
[05:50.160 - 05:53.760]
Yes, I was playing at a venue that I hadn't been to before and
[05:54.280 - 05:55.800]
the promoter
[05:55.800 - 05:57.000]
told me
[05:57.000 - 06:03.400]
That it's the kind of place where drug dealers take their kids and instantly it painted a picture for me exactly
[06:03.400 - 06:06.360]
I knew exactly what he was talking about and I thought
[06:07.480 - 06:08.720]
Book me
[06:08.720 - 06:16.160]
And I feel like that was exactly the instructions that the Fox Trotsky the guy that made the video clip got in his head to make
[06:16.160 - 06:19.000]
Yeah, to get the animation to do the animation is perfect
[06:19.000 - 06:24.880]
He did and recently we played at that exact same venue in the Frenzal Rhomb band and that same promoter was promoting the show and
[06:25.640 - 06:27.760]
knew about the song obviously and just
[06:28.160 - 06:30.160]
Begged us not to tell
[06:30.280 - 06:33.800]
The name of the venue and the very first thing on stage
[06:34.120 - 06:39.840]
We're not doing that. No, no this song is called. Let's meet at the place where drug dealers take their kids
[06:40.800 - 06:44.840]
Not sure if you know this, but I'm a massive Grinspoon fan
[06:44.960 - 06:49.280]
They would have become a massive band if they weren't on earth back in 95
[06:49.480 - 06:55.800]
But that was just the push they received to get them ahead of the music industry, which they deserve
[06:56.720 - 07:01.040]
Wholeheartedly, I feel like you're trying to be sarcastic, but you actually love grinspoon, but it's like doll
[07:01.040 - 07:02.400]
I got a anyway
[07:02.400 - 07:08.240]
They made me fall in love with the drop D guitar tuning and start writing heavy infused riffs like sound garden and Alice in Chains
[07:08.240 - 07:11.880]
And this is me Lindsay Frenzel saying this and not doll whom
[07:12.480 - 07:14.640]
Loves Grinspoon as much as I do
[07:15.400 - 07:21.720]
This song is from their sophomore album. Yeah, I'd use sophomore which rips as much as my pants when I see them live
[07:22.000 - 07:24.000]
Here it is
[07:24.240 - 07:29.300]
Get bigger pants. You're out of the band secrets by Grinspoon. Sorry Phil
[07:32.800 - 07:38.720]
More woolen gone gold or the first woolen gone gold depending on the order that this gets played in this is
[07:38.880 - 07:43.360]
Scabs the shitest band in Newtown, but the best band in woolen gong
[07:43.360 - 07:47.120]
Well, they don't even know if they really leave in woolen gong anymore so much. No, maybe not
[07:47.120 - 07:49.120]
We get we gave we gave them some gigs earlier
[07:49.640 - 07:55.760]
On and like in their life and we're just like blown away by a band that can be so crap
[07:55.760 - 07:58.760]
But so good and we found a kindred spirit. Oh, yeah
[07:59.560 - 08:03.840]
So good and this is a great song because it's really angry, but also pretty funny and
[08:04.600 - 08:09.040]
Yeah, just excellent stuff feel good summer here in the dead of winter
[08:16.040 - 08:21.400]
We're playing all the songs on rage tonight. We're the rage people from the Frenzel roms
[08:22.240 - 08:29.840]
Jay and Lindsay. That's our band. Yee woo spin that jukebox there chicken person
[08:34.080 - 08:36.080]
[08:40.200 - 08:44.840]
Where did we first hear or see being Jay Lane, I would have played with us a like the Goldie, baby
[08:44.840 - 08:49.520]
I reckon the Gold Coast or Brisbane fantastic Brisbane band being Jane Lane
[08:50.520 - 08:51.840]
[08:51.840 - 08:58.080]
Happened to record I'm a kind of a big shot producer here. We and I recorded some songs for them
[08:58.080 - 09:00.080]
I called it this one full disclosure
[09:00.840 - 09:03.520]
And they're great really great
[09:04.440 - 09:10.800]
Melodies, I mean to be honest, I read the harmonies. So I can't say they're great at how many it's like it's it's pop punk
[09:10.920 - 09:15.440]
But it's like not cringy. It's just it's just right on and fun and good
[09:15.960 - 09:20.760]
Melodies are good. The harmonies. I'm not too bit much of a fan of but I love the way that they've put
[09:20.760 - 09:25.480]
They've taken the gig off the end of the song name, but I haven't used an apostrophe. So it kind of leaves you hanging
[09:25.480 - 09:28.480]
Oh, it's pretty red. I'm not the band name the song
[09:29.120 - 09:35.600]
Dancing yeah, the song's called dancing that's I don't even think the word dancing is actually in the song at all
[09:36.400 - 09:39.840]
But you can probably be dancing. Yeah, I think they were seeing my troubled town
[09:40.160 - 09:44.080]
All right, was that what I thought that they were singing and I thought that's what the song should be called
[09:44.080 - 09:47.040]
Anyway, he's being Jay Lane probably do late for production notes
[09:51.640 - 09:52.840]
[09:52.880 - 09:59.920]
Another band very dear to my heart one of the very first bands that I went out to see live as a youngster and
[10:00.840 - 10:02.840]
Changed my life the hard-ons
[10:04.200 - 10:11.440]
Amazing sickly sweet beautiful melodies distortion loud as all get out
[10:12.320 - 10:14.960]
Not a shirt between them not a shirt amongst them
[10:15.840 - 10:17.840]
And a few different sort of lineup
[10:18.280 - 10:19.920]
Changes over the years at the moment
[10:19.920 - 10:22.480]
I've got Tim from the UMI band singing with them
[10:24.280 - 10:30.560]
Ray and Blackie have this sort of undying belief in rock and roll and
[10:31.920 - 10:33.400]
[10:33.400 - 10:35.400]
kept playing kept recording
[10:35.920 - 10:41.160]
Still putting out amazing music. I had the fortune slash misfortune of recording
[10:42.120 - 10:48.760]
366 songs with Blackie when he did his song a day project on a leap year on a leap year. So it's 366 songs
[10:49.720 - 10:54.800]
Equal parts amazing for me as a massive hard-ons fan having him in the room with me and
[10:55.680 - 11:01.120]
Horrendous that I had to spend that much time with one human and his amazing vanity project
[11:02.120 - 11:05.280]
Now I'm lucky enough to share a studio with them there
[11:06.680 - 11:08.680]
They always pay their rent on time
[11:09.600 - 11:17.520]
And they've got a nice gear in the studio for us to look at yeah. Yeah. Yeah, and you I mean never use never never used it
[11:18.880 - 11:20.360]
incredible band and
[11:20.360 - 11:22.200]
This new song
[11:22.200 - 11:28.600]
Apartment for two is the second record first on of the second record. I think they've recorded like two records in the last
[11:29.160 - 11:31.160]
[11:31.320 - 11:36.200]
Very prolific bunch of dudes. Yeah, and yeah, just go back from Europe and
[11:36.840 - 11:39.360]
Here they are with apartment for two
[11:40.120 - 11:42.120]
[11:46.320 - 11:48.560]
Here is a band if you know, you know
[11:49.200 - 11:53.960]
Coffin gotta hate people to say if you know, you know, that's like it's like saying it is what it is
[11:53.960 - 11:55.960]
I think you're saying you hate me
[11:56.880 - 12:02.840]
And I love this band. I love this band a lot that probably I reckon they're my favorite bands at the moment
[12:02.840 - 12:07.240]
I feel like they almost died in the studio with them. No, no, no, they were good
[12:07.480 - 12:09.480]
As I mentioned before big shot
[12:10.400 - 12:12.320]
Produced bands all the time
[12:12.320 - 12:16.320]
But we play with them a bunch first and they were we did actually they played with us
[12:16.720 - 12:20.120]
At kangaroo rock when they were 13. So these guys have been a band
[12:20.600 - 12:23.360]
They've been a band called coffin since they were 13
[12:24.760 - 12:30.360]
Of course at that point maybe they didn't look up and see that there are about a thousand bands called coffin around the world
[12:30.360 - 12:33.200]
So now they've changed the name to well at some point
[12:33.200 - 12:39.080]
They're changing into children of Finland fighting in Norway a lot of dots all very awkward great band
[12:39.800 - 12:41.800]
very aggressive amazing players
[12:42.760 - 12:45.840]
But yet still have an ear for classic
[12:46.320 - 12:48.720]
Australian rock and roll northern beaches of Sydney
[12:49.320 - 12:57.000]
Beautiful human beings. Yeah, but don't don't creep up on them if they're sleeping in a park. No, no, we we came across them. They
[12:58.360 - 13:02.920]
Arrived at our recording studio on a tour of the states. They had a half stolen van
[13:03.200 - 13:07.480]
They were washing in rivers sleeping in parks with knives under their pillows and whatnot
[13:08.040 - 13:14.040]
We took them in, you know, oh now they're doing very well for themselves. They've got all these fancy comforts like pillows
[13:15.880 - 13:19.660]
You know all sorts of things a shower probably a shower somewhere between
[13:20.920 - 13:27.760]
Lot of riffs. Anyway, new record is an absolute banger. This is the first single offer cut you off
[13:28.440 - 13:30.440]
Yes coffin
[13:33.800 - 13:35.800]
[13:38.680 - 13:45.960]
Man the KLF so good. This is like the ultimate in like career destroying genius
[13:46.440 - 13:52.800]
You know to Scottish dudes with machine guns burning a million dollars a million pounds of cash and stuff
[13:52.800 - 13:55.760]
And then they write these song. That's what they did. I've been a million dollars
[13:56.440 - 13:57.920]
Okay, I'm fine, whatever
[13:57.920 - 14:05.080]
And then I this and then they get Tammy Winnett to sing a song. This is like everything. This is the ultimate like acid dream
[14:06.240 - 14:10.400]
Country meeting, you know rock and roll. There's Jimi Hendrix in there. There's
[14:11.720 - 14:13.720]
Samples, there's like
[14:14.360 - 14:16.360]
Wrapping it's just there's wrapping
[14:16.880 - 14:20.880]
It's the KLF. This is awesome. Like you can just watch the whole KLF catalogue
[14:21.280 - 14:26.800]
But don't because we got these other good songs playing but this is justified an ancient buyer for justified
[14:26.840 - 14:32.160]
Ancients of Moomoo the KLF featuring Tammy Winnett of the Tommy Winnett band
[14:33.000 - 14:35.000]
by the KLF
[14:35.000 - 15:01.600]
If you're still watching can I say that we have just had the most disturbing news from the person on the other side of the camera?
[15:01.960 - 15:03.960]
Disturbing and beautiful, but mostly disturbing
[15:04.960 - 15:11.440]
Someone has recently brought life into this world a human life a beautiful human life and they have named that life
[15:11.840 - 15:12.880]
[15:12.880 - 15:17.080]
It's a true story, which is absolutely terrifying for the parents and the child
[15:17.080 - 15:21.880]
Yeah, only the child and kind of for us because we're kind of that means everything that happens in this
[15:22.200 - 15:28.080]
Nominatively determined life. Yeah, because of the name friends. Let's kind of come back. We are complicit
[15:28.080 - 15:33.160]
Yes in the downfall of this human. We've known quite a few dogs named Frenzel
[15:33.160 - 15:40.640]
But never a human. Yeah, so this is quite confronting and we'd like to you to we'd like to say happy birthday to you
[15:40.720 - 15:42.720]
Happy 21st happy 18th
[15:43.560 - 15:49.680]
Congratulations on your beautiful wedding to your beautiful partner and we'd like to give condolences to the family of friends
[15:49.680 - 15:52.920]
Oh, yeah, and if there is some value out of jail
[15:53.960 - 15:59.480]
We will not be of any assistance at all. But anyway, you're also watching rage
[16:03.360 - 16:05.360]
[16:16.160 - 16:18.160]
Gordie Foreman here from Frenzel rom
[16:19.360 - 16:25.640]
This was the wedding dance tune for my wife and I back in 2000 and I forget it's Jerry fucking Rafferty
[16:25.960 - 16:30.240]
He grew up in Paisley, which is about 30 minutes west of Glasgow in Scotland
[16:30.920 - 16:32.920]
Yeah, I think he needed to put Scotland
[16:33.200 - 16:35.200]
[16:36.120 - 16:38.480]
My parents grew up in Glasgow, Scotland
[16:40.200 - 16:47.400]
And I spent two years getting up to no good around Paisley Renfew and Urskine as a newly christened teen
[16:47.960 - 16:55.200]
Due to my brother living there. So maybe that's why I'm not choosing embarrassingly awful shit like Dal is
[16:55.200 - 17:00.920]
I mean, Dal can't be here to defend himself. Can I show you what Gordie is texting us these notes in?
[17:00.920 - 17:05.880]
he has written it typed it up on his Apple computer and then he is
[17:06.640 - 17:11.760]
Taken a photo of the screen like he's your dad trying to show you a funny meme
[17:12.320 - 17:15.040]
It's his first day. Yeah. Anyway, this is Steelers wheel
[17:20.600 - 17:24.640]
Hello there you are up probably way too late watching the
[17:25.200 - 17:31.760]
Friends of rumband well two of us. Yeah, one important guys. Yeah, obviously the bulk. Yeah
[17:33.280 - 17:35.280]
[17:35.520 - 17:43.440]
Couldn't even make it. I didn't actually better sitting over there, but it's rage. Yeah, you're watching it. Just get in get inside it
[17:43.440 - 17:45.440]
[17:53.000 - 17:57.600]
Private wives from Wollongong his town not said
[18:02.680 - 18:04.680]
Private wives are awesome
[18:04.840 - 18:06.000]
[18:06.000 - 18:10.240]
They managed to somehow find that pedal that now we used to call it the Geelong
[18:10.800 - 18:14.880]
Dancer come out of Geelong or has some effects pedal that made them sound absolutely sick
[18:14.880 - 18:22.720]
Well, Wollongong is the Geelong of New South Wales. It is and they also have a pedal. It's probably the same pedal
[18:22.720 - 18:24.720]
It's probably called a big buff
[18:25.120 - 18:26.640]
[18:26.640 - 18:28.640]
These guys use it very well new and
[18:30.120 - 18:35.320]
They're a cool tight three-piece check them out. They're touring at the moment. Mm-hmm awesome band
[18:41.120 - 18:46.760]
G'day there, it's me Jay. I'm Lindsay and you're watching the rage program
[18:47.520 - 18:48.560]
[18:48.560 - 18:55.760]
We're picking all the songs. Yeah, so if you don't like them just write a letter address it up like a butt rose the ABC
[18:56.080 - 19:00.720]
Mention something about woke culture ruining this country and put a little standpoint
[19:10.240 - 19:12.240]
All right
[19:12.240 - 19:14.240]
All right, so
[19:17.440 - 19:19.440]
My wife has some very
[19:19.520 - 19:22.360]
extreme sports people friends and there was this one person who
[19:23.200 - 19:26.240]
It was into like bass jumping wing suit flying
[19:26.240 - 19:30.560]
I'm really living out there on the edge and he always in my body worked at Macquarie bank as well
[19:30.560 - 19:33.600]
That's gonna be part of the story. That's part of the story now. He always had it
[19:33.600 - 19:40.080]
You know, he's very sort of anxious and kind of you know full of energy and then one day we saw him and he was just the most
[19:40.080 - 19:44.960]
Relaxed person in the world. He was so just down to earth and centred and he's like, yeah
[19:44.960 - 19:51.200]
I've just come back from a yoga camp. I'm teaching yoga now as well as working at the bank and doing the wingsuit flying and we're like
[19:51.200 - 19:54.480]
Oh, wow, this is amazing. You know, you just seem so right there
[19:55.360 - 20:02.320]
Yeah, he was just so relaxed and so with it and it was only later as we were leaving the party
[20:02.320 - 20:07.440]
We're at walking down the stairs. He turned to us and said, um, do you guys want any ketamine?
[20:08.320 - 20:10.320]
And so
[20:10.320 - 20:14.240]
As soon as Jen told me that story, I was like, I have to write the song about yes
[20:14.240 - 20:16.800]
It wasn't the yoga mate. No, it was the ketamine
[20:16.800 - 20:22.720]
And so we did the song and then did a video and for the video he's got nothing to do with that
[20:22.720 - 20:24.720]
It is just the most ridiculous
[20:25.360 - 20:27.360]
horse fever dreamed
[20:27.520 - 20:31.360]
Nonsense, I'm pretty sure Fox who made the video said
[20:32.000 - 20:35.680]
If we get you guys in yoga outfits videos done
[20:35.920 - 20:37.040]
[20:37.040 - 20:44.240]
And Gordy forgot to bring his outfit. So the outfit that Gordy's wearing the the pink and the turquoise. That's my that's my backup
[20:44.400 - 20:46.800]
That's my spare. I got that in my house
[20:46.800 - 20:48.800]
[21:04.640 - 21:08.160]
Hi, I'm Gordy form and from friends all wrong
[21:08.640 - 21:13.440]
This song is frozen soul by a simulator or a simulator by frozen soul
[21:13.760 - 21:16.720]
I grew up on late 80s early 90s death metal
[21:16.960 - 21:22.880]
Then every fucking band went to morris sound studios or went tech and it started to bore the shit out of me
[21:23.200 - 21:24.960]
So I stopped listening
[21:24.960 - 21:30.480]
If every current death metal band took their cues from these dudes and just blatantly ripped off bolt thrower
[21:30.640 - 21:33.360]
But with rad production everything would be sweet
[21:33.920 - 21:40.560]
Also, I wish my bandmates weren't so insistent on playing pop punk or whatever the hell you call what we do
[21:41.040 - 21:45.520]
I could handle playing double kick at 80 bpm all day cowards
[21:47.120 - 21:49.120]
Love from gordy for me
[21:49.120 - 21:51.120]
[22:10.560 - 22:18.560]
Have the pleasure of playing in a band. Um, thank you called. It's not your man. Um called the chinese birth unit
[22:18.640 - 22:22.160]
And the drummer, uh, john irish is in an amazing
[22:22.880 - 22:24.240]
[22:24.240 - 22:28.720]
Sydney if not australia's best hardcore band the world's best hardcore band of all time
[22:29.360 - 22:30.960]
[22:30.960 - 22:32.960]
amazing stuff
[22:33.040 - 22:34.480]
not scared of
[22:34.480 - 22:36.080]
[22:36.080 - 22:37.680]
Guitar effects
[22:37.680 - 22:41.760]
low was like different stuff delving into this psychedelic world
[22:41.760 - 22:45.040]
Which a lot of hardcore bands are scared to do. They're scared. They're cowards
[22:45.280 - 22:52.960]
Cowards, yeah, um cowards one and all uh, except for canine who are incredible, uh, and here they are with their song packed
[22:52.960 - 22:54.960]
[23:12.640 - 23:14.640]
[23:14.880 - 23:16.880]
See we don't know about the meetings
[23:18.080 - 23:20.800]
Careful here jason's about to get a little bit fanboy
[23:21.520 - 23:24.240]
Did I mention I like the meanies
[23:26.080 - 23:28.080]
I really like the meanies the meanies
[23:28.720 - 23:31.440]
were a band that uh, ben
[23:32.160 - 23:36.240]
First guitarist and I when saw a lot when we were youngsters
[23:36.800 - 23:41.440]
We assumed that they had been around for 10 years, but actually they'd been around for about 18 months
[23:41.920 - 23:45.840]
They had it so dialed in link meanie one of my favorite ever songwriters
[23:46.400 - 23:53.280]
Um, he's got an ability to write these very interesting melodic twists, but still make it catchy and hooky
[23:53.920 - 23:54.560]
[23:54.560 - 23:59.920]
I've said before but one of the biggest insults that he ever gave me was that he heard that there was this band
[24:00.080 - 24:06.720]
That was ripping them off and then when he heard us he realized he was like you don't sound anything like us and I was totally shattered
[24:07.680 - 24:09.520]
um, but uh
[24:09.520 - 24:13.680]
Yes, the meanies were touring with them at the moment, which is amazing. I get to sing 15 times in a row
[24:14.240 - 24:16.240]
And here is their
[24:16.880 - 24:22.720]
Song jackal and hired of their most recent record, which is the best record that they've ever done
[24:23.360 - 24:25.520]
And they've been around for like a hundred thousand years
[24:26.240 - 24:27.600]
They're amazing
[24:27.600 - 24:29.600]
Here's the meanies
[24:29.600 - 24:31.600]
I'll take a listen
[24:43.680 - 24:45.680]
[24:45.680 - 24:47.680]
[24:47.680 - 24:49.680]
[24:49.680 - 24:51.680]
[25:11.120 - 25:13.120]
We're gonna say about descendants
[25:13.760 - 25:16.240]
One of my faves they were one of the early
[25:17.200 - 25:19.200]
Sort of group of bands
[25:19.520 - 25:20.480]
that uh
[25:20.480 - 25:25.920]
Friend of ours used to go over to the states and bring back a milk crate one milk crate full of records
[25:26.320 - 25:31.840]
And they were on the plane. Was that like hand luggage? You check it in mate. Wrap it up. You know the plastic machines
[25:34.560 - 25:40.080]
And uh, yeah, we'd uh, she'd come back and um, basically that would be our music for a whole year
[25:40.800 - 25:47.920]
There would be you know, your um, your bad religion and your screeching weasel and your face to face and descendants was a big part of that
[25:48.560 - 25:50.560]
um, that group and
[25:50.880 - 25:52.880]
You know, they were sort of not as
[25:52.880 - 25:57.360]
Kind of jockey or something. Although like listening to it now. It's a little bit in cell
[25:57.920 - 26:03.120]
Yeah, so I'm a little bit in celly a little bit. Yeah a little bit m r a but he didn't know any better
[26:03.120 - 26:08.080]
He was a little nerdy teenager. Yeah, it's like the science degree and then when they split up
[26:08.080 - 26:10.080]
We got to tour with the band all
[26:10.080 - 26:17.280]
Um, which is how we met bill stevens and the drummer and then we recorded our last three records at his studio in colorado and
[26:18.160 - 26:21.840]
Still love the descendants and here they are with i'm the one
[26:22.160 - 26:27.440]
And this is like decades before milo started touring with like one of those camel pack water holders
[26:27.680 - 26:32.480]
Stacked to his back when he's on stage so he can drink water at any time. Yeah, that's the dream. I'm gonna start doing that
[26:33.120 - 26:35.120]
Milo you know something going on. Yeah
[26:39.040 - 26:40.720]
[26:40.720 - 26:44.240]
That what a night what a night night of nights red letter night
[26:44.720 - 26:48.000]
night to the person red letter night or is the only days it can be red letter days
[26:48.320 - 26:53.120]
I think I feel like there were there was letters in the night. Um, you did a fantastic
[26:53.680 - 26:57.680]
Thanks for being with us. It was really lovely. Um, we hate to sour things
[26:58.080 - 27:04.720]
But now we are contractually obligated to play a number of friends or on video clips possibly every single video clip
[27:04.720 - 27:09.920]
We've ever done which is horrendous. So some of them contain you running down a tunnel in the news
[27:10.080 - 27:12.080]
Yeah, like more than I thought
[27:12.240 - 27:16.800]
More numerous than I thought of those there's more of those. Um, anyway bad luck for that
[27:16.880 - 27:19.360]
I mean, you can always just go to bed, which you probably shoot at this point
[27:19.920 - 27:22.720]
It's not up. Come on push through push through push through
[27:23.680 - 27:27.120]
No, no, it's gonna be better. There's more good things happening
[27:27.840 - 27:31.280]
Trust me and then get up and you'll turn the tv on and we'll still be we will be
[27:31.600 - 27:38.480]
Yes, you're gonna get up early. You're gonna get to work. Um, but uh, let's kick it off. Uh, with something off our high vis record
[27:39.280 - 27:41.680]
um, I remember recording this song and um
[27:43.040 - 27:46.480]
Bill Stevenson was saying I don't really know what that means
[27:47.040 - 27:49.680]
You know, and we're like, uh, it's an Australian expression
[27:50.160 - 27:52.160]
It just kind of means like, you know
[27:52.240 - 27:57.680]
Anything that you sort of do to someone that's kind of mean spirited or something like that and he's like
[27:57.920 - 28:01.680]
Oh, like a dick move and we're like exactly we call it the connect
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