The Travelling Flea Circus 1999 | VHS

This is the limited edition bonus VHS tape that came with "A Man's Not a Camel" in 1999. It includes music videos, TV appearances, home movies and live footage. All Frenzal Rhomb Video Clips - Add. Footage Supplied By And Used With The Kind Permission of Channel [V] (Livid '99, ARIA Awards '99, AO - Australian only Special), Recovery - ABC Television & Chaos Music

Sucking All Over The World 2006 | DVD

The first pressing of the record was sold with a DVD titled Sucking All Over the World which has live performances and behind-the-scenes footage with the band.

Car : Part 1

Car : Part 2

Car : Part 3

Car : Part 4

God's Ugly Children

This also came from the Ear Gougers VHS.

Sucking all over the world 2006 (Commentary)

Sucking all over the world 2006

Bucket bong live triple j 2003

Home Movies (from the Sans Souci bonus DVD)

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