We're Going Out Tonight (1999)

1. We're Going Out Tonight (2:18) Back to tracklist

Twenty past four and we're feeling kind of bored 'cause there's nothing to record and we're poor
There's nothing on TV, how can that be? Not even bullshit I don't want to see

Spent all day in bed, throbbing in my head, my legs are made of lead
feeling dead, there must be something to do to loose this mood
I looked in the kitchen, there's not any food
Something must be done, I'm craving some fun

Put on my favorite band, yeah we need to make a plan
Well I really hope we can 'cause the situation can't be much worse today, nothing's OK
If I worked I probably wouldn't get paid
We start to fight
Then we decide that

We're going out tonight
Yeah we're going out tonight
We're going out tonight

Walk to the shop, CDs I can hock and that suck 'cause they never
give you much but I don't give a damn we're sticking to the plan we need to
buy some beer now the hour is getting near to the time that we know we've
really got to go, we're sitting in the park and it's getting pretty dark
We have a sup
now things are looking up

We're going out tonight
Yeah we are going out tonight
one two three four!


Now the time has come, we're going to have some fun
Now it's understood the night is looking good
Let's go out and find someone to shout we'll get to the pub and there's
going to be no doubt that
There will be some trouble there, broken glasses and stupid hair
We'll be without a care all night, cause

We're going out tonight
Yeah we're going out tonight
We're going out tonight

We are going out tonight
Yeah we are going out tonight
We are going out tonight

2. Drugged By The Cops (2:57) Back to tracklist

I'm feeling sick to my stomach 'cos I'm on my way back
the the scene of the crime and I'm a nervous wreck
Now I need to try to keep my head clear
The last thing I want is what's happening here
Well I stopped for no reason but to bring some device
??? feeling alright
The right to make friends and that's it
and then he starts to treat me like a piece of shit
I was drugged by the cops
I'd do anything to make them stop

Well have you ever dealt with someone with an even hand
Can you look me in the eye without a gun in your hand?
Do you want to try to break another mind?
I think he got arrested but there's no crime

Well you can keep your stupid questions for someone who cares
and your juvenile remarks about piercings and hair
have you a mirror have you had a look
I know you went to school but have you ever read a book?
Do you like you rage power on the way to the shop
Do you like to be an arsehole, yeah you like it a lot
I think I know a number that can make it stop

3. Albino Holiday (2:34) Back to tracklist

Oh my god is this what we've become
Spending our whole lives without a sun
Devote your time to fighting off a tan
It's time to stock up on your travel mags
Pack your bags

All the children playing in the park
I would too if it was only dark
I have to leave I need to take a break
I need to go where munchies can be made in the shade

Albino holiday

I need to go I need to get away
Because inside is where I always stay
In the winter time I'll travel south
Where the sunlight only comes around for an hour

Albino holiday

I would give it all away
Just to take a holiday
They're designed to convince the world it's feeling fine
but it's just there to waste my time

Don't believe what the commercials say
You'd better off without a single ray
It's us or them no time to make a fuss
Just remember now it's time to toss the 15 plus

Albino holiday

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