Forever Malcolm Young (2006)

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1. Forever Malcolm Young (1:28) Back to tracklist

Never seem to be in front
Or part of the exciting times
Destined for a life of second best
The blackmail not the bribe
Together now whatever work has gone unsung
He'll be forever Malcolm Young
Always gnocchi not linguine
Never Hitler you're Mussolini
Often the sideshow but not the circus
Always Malcolm never Angus
End up Carlton you wanted to be Negus
Single pluggers never sneakers
Always headphones never the speakers
Shouldn't have a complex cause
he wrote Highway To fucking Hell
Together now whatever work has gone unsung
He'll be forever Malcolm Young
Don't be too cocky cause he wrote Stiff Upper Lip as well

2. Graham 'Abo' Henry (1:44) Back to tracklist

Childhood never silent
His father was a violent drunk
So he went back home and punched him out again
Looked for something better
Not content to sit around
15 years old, gonna burst with anger
And it wasn't long before
He met the fucked arm of the law
But they had no idea what was in store
Then Neddy got the green light
Every day was a new fight
We'll never know which parts of it were true
Such a snappy dresser
A dog round ever corner of
the neighbourhoods that he got into blues ooh ooh
and his dream to be a gangster and to lead a life of crime
would see him spending years inside
Criminal code tried to follow it
Don't let Graham near the Barbie
Coz he can't cook for shit
A treacherous life And a supportive wife
Two sides of a coin
A violent thug an old school gentleman

3. Johnny Ramone Was In A Fucken Good Band, But He Was A Cunt (Gabba Gabba You Suck) (0:31) Back to tracklist

That's why he was on stage left, and Joey was up front
Marky, Dee Dee, Tommy, Gary, Phil and Steve
They were all too lazy, to get on the record sleeve
Second verse, different from the first,
hey redneck, get in fucken hearse
And while we're at it, before it's too late,
invite your tall skinny mate.
Oh fuck
Gabba Gabba, You Suck

4. Red Wine And Altar Boys (1:49) Back to tracklist

Never claimed to be a model citizen, but I'm getting by
Used to drink and once I ate a whole cigarette,
but now I'm doing fine
Had to work out life without religion as a crutch
But some people struggle, inner demons are too much
There's a message for them
Red wine and altar boys are no way
to relieve your troubled mind
As a teenager he longed for a family
Waited for a sign to tell him why
He didn't feel like the other guys
Not that way inclined
Assessed the options for repressing inner truth
Of being ostracized or turning to the cloth
Put your head in the sand
Red wine and altar boys are no way to relieve your
troubled mind
No way to relieve your troubled mind
Twenty years of angry guilt and hypocrisy
just to pass the time
Twenty victims and a government
cover-up tow the party line
You fucked up innocence with holy blessings and the
index finger of christ
And you prayed and it felt nice
And forgiveness is your god given right but
Red wine and altar boys are no way to relieve your
troubled mind

5. Brian's Problems (1:50) Back to tracklist

Used to see that good things were in everything around
Resting deep in middle class you never took it up the arse
And always had it comfortable as everybody should
You might have forgot your PIN but your sister is not on
heroin Its been a long time since you were 13
And you walked outside and thought that things were cool
Problems, you got so much problems
you got so much nothing problems
you got so much nothing
Been a long time since you were 13
And you walked outside and thought that things were cool
It's the wrong time to sit and cry by yourself
When you didn't end up going to indo as a mule
Write dumb poetry and make your face look sad
Think that Brian Molko has the answers from placebo
But he's just another millionaire who knows his life is good
He makes a dollar 20 every time you feel misunderstood
Its been a long time since you were 13
And you walked outside and thought that things were cool
oh oh oh Problems
It's the wrong time in the right part of town
And you don't give a shit about a foreigner dead
But when your mate breaks up with the girl next door
Then you feign concern coz you think things are cool
Been a long time since you were 13
And you walked and thought that things were cool
It's the right time to admit to yourself
That you're top of the pile and you've changed into a fool
Been a long time since and internet scam took second
place to a massacred town
If you looked outside of the cage that you've built for
yourself in your mind
Would you think that you were cool?

6. When Will I See You At The ICU? (2:06) Back to tracklist

When will I see you self-harming my friend?
When will I see you in intensive care again?
Desensitized I've seen all this before, don't want no more
My self destructive friend
When will I see you at the ICU again?
When you gonna drink and smoke, drive home again
When you gonna call the bouncer a fuckhead
Never learn from one mistake you've done
Never seems like fun, my stupid friend
When you're out of it you're gonna fall under a bus
I'm supposed to give a shit coz you are one of us
In another car smash
Now you don't feel so flash
the wreck that you're encased
Burnt yourself cooking
You were so good looking
When you had a face

7. Please Go Over There (0:52) Back to tracklist

Whatever you do you should get outta this town
I'm on an aeroplane, you're only fucken insane
What do you do? What do you see?
What do you want to be?
I've got a two inch screen mother fucker get out
Off the street and into the fight
I'm home again
Sing to the mountain
Mother fucker get out
Gonna shove your face
Against the human race
So just get outta my hair
Before I go fucken spare
Please go over there

8. Fuck You And Your Stupid Band (1:41) Back to tracklist

I don't know but I got told, that if I'm sad, heart in the cold
There only the one bran of emotions
And if I don't quite look the part,
you'll tell me not to even start
So fuck you and your fucken emo band
Now I'm all for identity
The desperate need for a place to be
Understood well, feeling loved
But mixing exclusivity
That's three parts you and no parts we
Now your ego's getting out hand
Like Jesus at a show, I don't wanna know
Never stretched a helping hand
So fuck you and your fucken emo band
I fear it won't take long till that hillsong
Reaches me somehow, but if there's thing I despise
It's being fed those right wing lies
So fuck you and your fucken Christian band
I think it's cool they're not on drugs
The moral grounding and the hugs
And being friends with some god's son
But when no-one questions anything,
use the word for financial gain
Then somethings gotten way out of hand
Like Jesus at a show, I don't wanna know
"never build your house on sand"
and fuck you and your fucken Christian band
Emotions have been sold
its only Rock and Roll
you're no better than your fans
fuck you and your fucken emo
faith is in some dodgy hands
fuck you and your fucken Christian
if this is too hard on you,my band's fucken stupid too
fuck you and your fucken punk rock, retro,
indie cock rock STUPID BAND...

9. Cruelty To Animals (2:18) Back to tracklist

Plug me in
Don't count me in
Its true not everybody wins
Left in the cold
I'm feeling old
Lowest bidder I am sold
All roads lead to caring only for yourself
So I am told
Is this the day I subscribe to the magazine a hundred K?
Seems everybody's doing it
And aren't we having fun
It's the new craze
It's all the rage
It's not a yo-yo or a maze
It's the new thing that's grabbed
the imagination of everyone
Seems everybody's doing it
And this is how it goes
Buy stuff and sex and drugs and cruelty to animals

10. Don't Touch The Rabbit (1:48) Back to tracklist

Executive on the 27th Floor
"Hold my calls I'll be gone for a minute"
is what that guy said closing the door
"Won't be long it'll just take a minute"
Don't wanna see into the world of this lonely guy
He called the pet shop and use the credit card
time and time again
Don't touch the rabbit another terrible habit
Pulls out the pipe and takes a long draw
Don't like pigs don't like cats don't like puppies
Designer scalpel waiting for more
Pull the curtains he's about to get lucky
To balance work and leisure's harder than it seems
Just met the guinea pig of his dreams (just)
Discard the corpses into the lane
Too many gone to remember their names
Didn't hide the sickness well, little bunnies
Not coming back, easy for the police to track
And now we're not gonna sleep tonight
don't feel alright this awful sight
Should have had a warning sign that said:
Don't touch the rabbit

11. Medicine Balls (2:45) Back to tracklist

Said you were a friend of mine
Said you were a friend but you didn't take your medicine
That's why you tried to cut my balls off
You should have took your medicine
But there's a memory that I might have
seen you somewhere before
I haven't tried too hard to remember if I
should remember more
Seem in such a hurry there's an urgency that rings a bell
The haze is slowly lifting
god we used to hang out all the time
Used to be a friend but you
Didn't take your time or your medicine
Now would be the time to confess your sins
Didn't take your time or your medicine
Should have took your medicine
Then you started killing pets
Then you started killing
I didn't know what you meant
When you started killing pets
Should have took your medicine
Then you tried to fuck me up
Then you tried to fuck me
Hurt me with the cruelest cut
Wanted just to fuck me up
Used to be a friend of mine
I know it's cold and lonely outside
But you'd understand why
I don't let you in brandishing that weapon
Crossed a line - Used to be a friend
But you didn't take your medicine

12. Predickle Me This (0:18) Back to tracklist

Predictive Text
Predickle what I'm going to say next
You're a fucken predictive cunt
You won't type the words I want
Pridickory dickory predickory dock
Can suck my hickory predickory cock.

13. Goon Wolf (2:16) Back to tracklist

Who's that guy running all over the place?
Hairy legs and hairy palms and a hairy face
Its true, yeah but who?
Hear him out at midnight howling up at the moon
Clawed fingers gripped around a bottle of goon,
is it you? It can't be true
He's not a normal boy, he's on a mission to destroy
But all he manages to do is annoy
Leave a train wreck around him
Every time he goes to and town and when
The authorities wanna impound him
I bet you're glad you found him
Tell me who? What we gonna do?
Prowls the streets looking for his prey
Then disappears when the night turns into day
Are we doomed, every full moon
Leave a train wreck around him
Everytime he goes to town and when
The authorities wanna impound him
I bet you're glad you found him
Goon Wolf - Goon Wolf's out tonight
Here to confirm your own worst fears,
when tufts of hair sprout from his ears
Doesn't care about bourbon, bongs or beers;
just wants to say cheers
Put away that bottle cup or glass, goblet,
chalice or the hip flask
Happy drinking from the cask did you have to ask the...

14. I'm A Backwards Fucken Useless Piece Of Dogshit... And I Vote (1:46) Back to tracklist

The sticker on your car, has surely gone too far
Now I stare and wonder at the decision making process
Should be you be allowed, to be shouting proud
When you got a sickness inside, what if
I had something to offend you just as much as this
You still wanna have your say, but your braindead
Used to drive around, stinking up my town
Should have had a billboard poster that says
I'm a backwards fucken retard useless piece of dogshit...and I vote

15. You Need A Friend (1:53) Back to tracklist

Black teared desolation with my head held in my hands
Broken heart inside my chest, a sadness in my pants
Calmly contemplating kissing this cruel world goodbye
When I felt a certain reassuring hand upon my thigh
He said "How ya doing mate"
I can tell you're feeling blue
I'm gonna help you out coz I know I was once like you
Said I've suffered bleak emotions friend
you've got nothing to fear
Strapping up my arm as he whispered in my ear
You need some relaxation, some rest and recuperation
For fixing up the aching without love
You need someone to understand,
touch your heart and hold your hand
You need a friend, and a lot of drugs
"Now you're feeling better,
could you do something for me?
Tape this package to your leg, make a delivery
Swallow these balloons and get on the next flight
Try not to use the toilet till you reach the other side"
And customs love, for all the things that
I've been dreaming of a friendly hug, and a rubber glove
And a little bit of cash for the Indonesian judge

16. Holiday Not Vacation (2:29) Back to tracklist

I don't care a lot about stuff and things,
really preservation isn't easy,
just sit by another slides
right past unnoticed yeah
There were no dudes nothing was rad
No one thought I was whack and totally meant
the sum total of everything you added up
There was no crack there were no ludes
"something was like" doesn't make sense
Only knew that bloody bling bling was the sound
The bell made ending school
Don't need to tell you what to do
Can leave it down to you
Make your decisions free
Of this insidious tyranny
It's not just word of mouth
We're living in the south
Its subtle but its real
Just leave the subway a station
You're on holiday, not vacation
Out of the hot tub and into the spa bath
Get off the sidewalk and on the fucken foot path
I don't know why Americanized culture
Shit me a lot
Coz I've been there and it wasn't so bad
People are nice, Cities don't change
Can't see the forest for the free trade bullshit
Don't worry though, coz the boss is around
Making sure as hell
That we all get fucked equally
Don't wanna see a phrase disappear forever gone
It wont be long
Like I'm so hungry I could eat
The bum out of a low flying duck
Can you fit a shot of scotch
Into this glass of Xmas cheer
And when the answer is yes, tell him
Fill it up with beer
Don't need to tell you what to do
Leave it down to you
Make your decisions free
Get out of my butt and into my arse

17. Don't Shoot The Guests (2:11) Back to tracklist

Great idea instead of going out
we're gonna fix up the house
And cook some food for our friends
Might never have the chance again
Its only once (a|in) while that I see your murderous smile
And fear a repeat of the last time
Don't wanna go out
But don't wanna go inside for a minimum of 25 to life
I don't need the strife
But you think its fun
Without medication
But it makes me nervous in a dinner context
it makes no difference where I hide your gun please
Don't shoot the guests
Coz I'll be the one who has to clean up the mess
Its not that they're unkind
Its just you're not well of mind
The conversation flows as if this night'll never end
Maybe it'll be fine maybe it wont be this time round
But I doubt it by the look in your eyes
I see that you despise
And you're set to snap
You got you're firearm back please
Don't shoot, Don't shoot the guests
I'm always the one who has to clean up the mess
Don't wanna be the one who when
tha chaos starts to erupt in the room
Has to explain the someone's family
that they won't be home real soon
But would you like to come around in June?
Don't shoot, Don't shoot the guests
An awkward social situation at best
I'll be the one with social skills put to the test.

18. Caps Lock (0:17) Back to tracklist

Caps lock can eat my fucken arse
You, you hear
get out from under my finger cunt
Don't want to type like I'm shouting

19. Find Your Own Way Home (2:00) Back to tracklist

Midnight - not everything is alright
Our hero waltzed in, falls down on the floor again
When he gets up - filling his cup
Too blind to even care
What to do if we're not there
He'll be alright
Find your own way
Find your own way home tonight
Naked at the end of tom's bed
Teardrop stains on his cheek but
he's got so much more to drink
And in the morning, he's never such a sure thing
Until the afternoon he finds another bag of goon
And its alright
Find your own way home tonight
No good that you're feeling low
Not gonna save your sight (help your flight)
Cross eyed, a little tongue-tied
Not not good enough to doubt
All the shit that's coming out
No defense until someone take offense
If he can get up off the floor
Get himself out of the door
He'll be alright

20. Wha' Happened? (1:50) Back to tracklist

Slab of beer and a crooked smile
And a brain that's full of sand
Grown up 1/2 acre block with a dream
of starting a metal band
Dreams are dead
Wha' happened? Wha' happened?
Lost your head
Wha happened to my friend?
So serious so young but so reckless after dark
Buy a house in your parents street
until you pay off your credit card
And I know it seems like yesterday
that we went to the beach
And punched the shit out of some guy
For no reason other than he looked funny
Wha' happened? Wha' happened? Dreams are dead
Wha' happened? Wha' happened?
Lost your head
Wha' happened? Wha' happened to my friend?

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